Hello there, now is the perfect time to grab our beautiful candle advent calendar.
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Sierra Mountain Candlo Co
Our all new candle advent calendar set
It's Back! The Scented Candle Advent Calendar
Now is the perfect time to get your 2019 advent calendar. You'll be able to fill your home with all the wonderful scents of the season with this one-of-a-kind advent calendar. The set comes with a curated collection of 13 of our best Christmas and winter fragrances including an advent calendar exclusive scent. Light a new candle every other day leading up to Christmas and bask in the holiday cheer. To top it all off, the set comes in a beautiful gingerbread house box (it makes a great gift) and shipping is totally free!

Order one today so it arrives in plenty of time before December 1st.

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Candle warmer lanterns
Gift Idea: Candle Warmers
Now that November is here we're all on the prowl for great gift ideas. If you have a candle lover in your life, why not give them a new candle warmer?

They are one of the best ways to enjoy a scented candle. There's no open flame to worry about and fragrance can be released more quickly. We especially like the top-down fragrance warmers because you don't need to melt the entire candle each time you use them. They work perfectly with our 26oz Apothecary Jar candles, and you can even order your candles wickless if you plan to use them exclusively with a warmer.

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Getting the most out of your candles
Caring for Candles
These tips and tricks on how to keep your candles smelling and looking their absolute best. Our high quality, strongly scented candles work best when they're given the right environment and care, so be sure to check this one out.

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