Baby Powder Scented Candle


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A scented candle that smells like baby powder, our Baby Powder is a delightfully scented candle that will remind you of your newborn child.  Our Baby Powder candles are wonderfully soft scented with the smell of baby powder, providing for a very fresh and clean baby powder candle. Take a look at our electric candle warmers for an extra safe way to give off the wonderful aroma of baby powder.

Our Baby Powder candles, with their baby powder scent make a great gift for new mothers and candle aficionados alike! Trust us when we say Sierra Mountain Candle Company knows candles because this baby powder scented candle is simply amazing.

Don’t forget that you can easily customize the color of this candle. Choose pink for a newborn baby girl, or light blue for a bouncing baby boy, or pick something totally unique. It’s up to you!


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